What should be considered when testing mobile apps?

Test Technic

There are three general types of applications.

  • Native apps
  • Hybrid apps
  • Web apps

When testing mobile apps such as the above, what considerations should be taken into account? Here is an example.

Cross-platform testing

Users expect apps to function uniformly regardless of the OS version of the phone they are using.

While iOS and Android are typically the predominant mobile operating systems, to provide a cross-platform app, a testing approach should be taken to ensure that it works well on both platforms.

Also, screen size and browser for web apps must be taken into consideration when testing to ensure that the app will work without problems in the environment used by the target users.

Functional testing

53% of mobile app users have uninstalled apps with serious problems such as crashes, freezes, or errors.

Functional testing ensures that all features of an app are working properly and that broken features are eliminated as much as possible to achieve higher retention rates.

Therefore, functional testing is obviously necessary.

Functional testing tests the app’s UI elements, screen adaptations, core structure, and functionality.

It also tests the application’s installation and update process, localization settings, compatibility, and accessibility.

UI / UX testing

Stress-free UX design can increase customer conversion rates by up to 400%.

The success of a mobile application depends on the user experience, i.e., understanding how the end user perceives and interacts with the product and making it easy to use.

Usability testing ensures that the app is easy to navigate and user-friendly. The ultimate goal is to create a smooth and intuitive mobile experience.

Security Testing

Security risks can negatively impact both app users and businesses because of a loss of customer trust.

To minimize this risk, it is obviously necessary to prevent it from occurring in the first place, rather than solving it after a security breach has occurred. And one way to do this is to test.

The more personal information circulates in the digital space, the more vulnerable it is to security threats. Mobile app developers need to define an effective and robust security testing strategy to protect data from malicious activity.

Localization test

Expectations for app functionality and performance vary by region, country, age, and culture.

Making an app universal requires testing to ensure that it is properly localized to provide the best UX for different users.