What is “Shift-left” ? Knowledge in 3 minutes


Do you understand what the term “shift-left” means?
In this article, we will explain “What is the Shift-left?

What is “Shift-left” ?

Shift-left, in a nutshell, is to move the testing process forward in the development cycle. In other words, it is like “testing early and often.

Conversely, there is also the term shift-right, which means that testing is done backward, but not just backward; it also means that testing continues to be done after release.

This concept of shift-left has been gaining attention in recent years as agile development has become more mainstream and more frequent releases are made in shorter periods of time.

How exactly should shift-lefts be done?

After understanding the concept of shift-left. What exactly should I do?

There is no clear definition, but to summarize what is written on the web, for example, the following approaches are possible.

  • Create code conventions for your development team
  • Implement static code analysis tools
  • Create a test plan that allows for small functional unit integration tests early in the development lifecycle
  • Implement test automation tools
  • Review user stories
  • Review of requirements, specifications, and other documents

The above approaches are possible approaches to shift-left.

So, this was a 3-minute explanation of what is shift-left? This was an explanation to understand what shift-left is in 3 minutes.