What is “Inception deck” ? Knowledge in 3 minutes

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What is “Inception deck” ?

Inception Deck is one of the practices of Agile development as described in the book “Agile Samurai”.

It is an activity conducted to clarify the why and how of the project by answering “10 questions” before the project starts, and to share them with the team.

What are the Ten Questions?

A documentation template is available for performing inception decks.
A brief summary of the contents is as follows

1.Why are we here?

In a nutshell, clarify the goal that this project aims to achieve

2.The elevator pitch

In a nutshell, what value will the product created in this project provide to whom? Clarify the following

3.Product box

In a nutshell, clarify the product name, image, catch copy, appeal points to users, etc.

4. The NOT list

In a nutshell, make a clear list of what not to do and what to do.

5. Your project community

In a nutshell, clarify who is involved in this project

6. Technical solution

In a nutshell, identify the programming language, libraries, tools, and areas of risk to be employed.

7. What keeps us up at night

In a nutshell, clarify what you fear if it occurs

8. How big is this thing ?

In a nutshell, clarify the schedule

9. Trade-off sliders

In a nutshell, clarify the importance of time, budget, scope, quality, etc. on a MAX <–> Min slarder

10. The first release

In a nutshell, identify the resources needed for the initial release, including people, timeframe, and budget.

As described above, the Inception Deck is a practice to clarify what is important for this project as the team thinks about the answers to each question.

This is the explanation to understand the Inception Deck in 3 minutes.