Understand how to create “Requirement Definition” in 3 minutes

要件定義 General

What is “Requirement Definition” ?

Requirements definition is the process of clarifying what is to be systematized and what is to be made into software, such as the functions to be implemented and the performance to be met in software development.

It is one of the tasks to be performed before starting development and implementation, and is usually documented as a requirements definition document.

Steps in Creating a Requirements Definition

It is essential to analyze the customer’s requirements instead of starting to write the requirements document right at the beginning.

1. Analysis of business requirements

  • Confirmation of requirements and objectives
  • Scope of systemization
  • Objectives, expected results
  • Existing workflow / understanding of current situation
  • Identification of issues
  • Schedule

As described above, we will conduct hearings with the client or review requirements documents created by the client.


2 Creating a requirements document

This is the process of documenting the work based on what we have discussed.
The format is flexible, but generally includes the following

・Business requirements

Clarify the current business flow and identify issues.

Clarify using a list of business flow, list of requirements, etc.

・System requirements

Clarify how business requirements are to be incorporated into the system.

However, not all business requirements may be incorporated into the system. Note that some requirements may be excluded from systemization.

・Functional Requirements

Define the minimum required functions. Clarify using screen lists, screen transition diagrams, external interface lists, etc.

・Non-functional Requirements

Define non-functional requirements. For example, consider and clarify from the viewpoints of solubility, ease of operation and maintenance, scalability, security, and so on.

It is recommended that the above items be added or omitted as appropriate for the project.

This is a 3-minute explanation of how to create a requirements definition