What is gTAA?Knowledge in 3 minutes

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What is gTAA?

gTAA is an abbreviation for “generic Test Automation Architecture”

If you are thinking, “Let’s automate software testing! you don’t know what policy, strategy, what part, what tool, and where to start, do you?

In such a case, you can use this gTAA for test automation to think about the strategy, policy, and overall picture. This is the design concept of gTAA.

How to use gTAA?

Figure of gTAA.

  • Test Generation Layer
    • Decide how you will design the test, whether it will be manual or automated.
  • Test Definition Layer
    • Think and define test data, test cases, test procedures, etc.
  • Test Excution Layer
    • Consider how to report and record test execution and test results.
  • Test Adaptation Layer
    • Consider which components/interfaces to test and what to use for automated testing

Benefits of using gTAA

Some of the benefits of using gTAA as follow

  • Improved maintainability due to structured test automation
  • Systematization improves quality and testing efficiency by clarifying what is automated and what is not.

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